Our campaigns to make our community better are run by people like you.

People who are community minded.

People who care about others.

People who want to make our society fairer for all.

All of our campaigns to make our community better have been won because of amazing volunteers who have given up their time, both on election day and beforehand, to work together.

Therefore, we need your help.

Why volunteer for Joe Kelly's campaign?

  • We know that conversations are the most powerful way to connect with our community and gather support for the issues we care about.  We need to talk to over 30,000 people for this election, and can only do this with the support of volunteers.

  • Joe Kelly has committed his life to helping our community whether as a nurse, parent, community volunteer, or member of parliament.  We need people like Joe to be in State Parliament to represent all of us who care about our community.

  • Volunteering also allows you to connect with other like minded people, have fun, and learn new skills.  Our campaign needs help with everything from data entry and administration, to communications and community engagement. 

  • Be part of a movement and party that is over 130 years old and has worked tirelessly for better conditions for all workers, a sustainable environment, fairness, justice and equality.